Barrel of Crafts


Barrel of Crafts v1 - At the end of 2016 we had three of beers planned as part of our 'Dessert Island Drinks' series, the first was our 'Imperial Coffee Stout' which packed more than 18kgs of Coffee.

The second, and a collab with our good friends over at Abbeydale was 'Smore than a feeling' an Imperial Marshmallow Stout which was a favourite among everyone with a sweet tooth!

Lastly was the ever popular 'Starbeer ' (with Lost Industry and Steel City) which has quickly worked it's way in to our Seasonal Range and has proved our most popular beer of all time and has made it's way into the top imperial stouts in this country (according to Untappd).

Not content with creating three wonderful beers, we transferred 133 litres of each into a whisky cask to be left untouched for a year. Barrel of crafts (volume 1) is a perfect blend of Marshmallow, Peanuts, Caramel, Chocolate and a touch of Whisky to create this one off Imperial Stout.

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