Barrel of Crafts Pt.2

Sequels, debatabley better than the original...

Terminator 2, The Godfather pt2 and The Dark Knight all fall into that category and so does our brand new Barrel Of Crafts!

The idea behind Barrel of Crafts is to take three of our biggest stouts, blend them together and barrel age them in a whisky cask for a year.

This year's version sees our Toblerone stout 'Torrone' blended with our Imperial raspberry stout collaboration with Wilde Child Brewing 'On the Razz' and our Imperial Baklava stout collaboration with Ridgeside Brewing Co 'We are Never Getting Baklava Together'

This beer is deliciously indulgent with an immediate chocolate hit that fades away to pistachio,honey and hazelnut. The raspberry comes in right at the end to show it's face in the form of a soft sweet/sour edge.

This beer is very limited release (around 200L) and just like last year, the bottles will be hand wax dipped.

This year's colour...Baby Pink!

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